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Small businesses need to have a good phone system for routine business reasons. They also need one to project the image of a professional, organized business. Keystone IT offers two options to obtain the use of full featured, professional phone systems:

Hosted Phone Systems

Keystone manages Hosted phone systems for many small businesses. Each client pays a monthly fee that is dependent on how many extensions and phone numbers the business needs. There are two programs: one comes with the phones, and the alternative is where the client buys the phones. The monthly fees are different.


Keystone IT is a Certified Partner with Fonality. We currently recommend their trixbox Pro, Hybrid PBX system because it was designed for small businesses. The premises system is set up on a phone server at the business, loaded with the trixbox software, and configured for custom use. A variety of IP phones in multiple offices can use the system.

We also install and support Fonality’s Call Center Edition. Call Center systems provide tools for custom call management.


Both our hosted and premises phone systems have 50+ features. Most users find that the major features they use most often are:

  • Auto attendant
  • Customizable call management
  • Integration with MS Outlook
  • Unified communications
  • Find me/follow me
  • Customizable “on hold” messages or music
  • Intercom paging
  • Free Conferencing
  • Integration w/ your CRM software
  • Text/Email/audio content of Voicemails
  • Caller ID
  • Call reporting