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Business Internet

Keystone IT is a broadband reseller utilizing cutting edge technologies and various provider partners to align your Internet access with your business needs. We deliver advanced, high-speed Internet access to dozens of businesses and organizations around Iowa City.

Keystone IT can provide you with the best standard, or highest speed broadband access for the money in the area. With our new partner, we now have an average up time of 99.9%. We have cable and DSL options to offer as well, so we can tailor your access model to the amount of access you need at the optimum cost for you.

Keystone offers you various broadband packages with both synchronous (same speeds into and out of your company or organization) and asynchronous (faster in than out). We work with you to understand your access needs and then establish connectivity that is ideal for you from both an efficiency and cost perspective.

Keystone stands by to install, support and integrate your Internet needs with your business systems. Please contact Mike McKay so we can provide a free custom quote for your Internet access needs.