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Case Studies


A law firm was having trouble with their new phone system. The calls were full of static, choppy, and often dropped. The company that installed the phone system was unable to find a solution and the lawyers, along with their staff, were very unhappy.

Keystone offered to do a free assessment of the situation and was invited to do so. Using our network certification equipment and processes, we quickly determined that part of the problem was the network. There were bad jacks and bad cabling. We fixed those problems easily, but some of the problems persisted.

We also determined that some of the problems were caused by a poor quality internet connection. We temporarily provided a high speed feed to their office and more of the problems disappeared.

We were unable to troubleshoot the phone system itself since it was a proprietary system for which we lacked training needed to work on it. We temporarily connected several of their extensions to Keystone’s phone system for testing. The tests showed that the remaining quality problems were emanating from their phone system.

The firm decided to get their internet from us and to replace the phone system. They returned the other VoIP phone system for a refund. They have been happy with the results and the quality of the trixbox system we installed.


This logistic firm was growing rapidly. They were very interested in finding a single firm that could support their IT and telephone system needs.

Keystone met with the owners to review their current situation and their growth plans. They had done a good job of developing a proprietary system for managing their business, but it was clear that they needed to expand the computer system. We presented a plan to upgrade their computer system to support their plan. Our plan was implemented and has supported their sustained growth.

Simultaneously, we recommended a VoIP phone system with call center capabilities. This system would give them the ability to manage their very intense phone calling environment. (Their business relies upon instant communications with dispatchers and truck drivers to schedule pickups and deliveries  all over North America.) The trixbox Pro Call Center Edition, using VoIP technology,  perfectly fit their needs.

Circle 8 has been on a very high growth trajectory and has more than tripled in size since we began working with them. They continue to forecast more growth. The computer system and the phone system proved how Keystone’s expertise allowed the scalability they needed.

This firm is in Lombard, Illinois, a Chicago suburb and we have done all this, including daily support from Iowa City. This fact shows the power of the technology we employ and the reliability of all the systems we install.


They provide optometric services and are a retail store selling eyeglasses and frames. They had been suffering from shoplifting in their display areas.  Their trained staff had been unsuccessful in curbing the thefts of high value designer frames and sunglasses.

Keystone was called in and we found the environment a very good one for installing IP video cameras. We installed two cameras which, because of their field of vision, were able to cover all the display areas.

Their first “loss” of an expensive frame turned out to be a misplacement by the staff. This was not a benefit we predicted, but a valuable one!

Soon after, a suspected shop lifter was closely monitored by the staff, but the individual still made it out of the store with an expensive pair of sunglasses. One of the cameras clearly showed how the sunglasses were stolen. Staff called police and followed the suspect into the mall. When the police arrived, the suspect was arrested and the sunglasses were returned.


We got a call on a Friday afternoon inquiring whether we could help move one-half of their IT equipment to a new location. We met with them and found out that their IT support company had not prepared anything for the move, which was to take place the NEXT Friday. We said we would help them and immediately went to work determining what all we had to do. We made their project a high priority and started identifying the equipment that was moving and assigning staff. We finished the project on time.

They were so happy with our abilities and support, that when they planned to open two new offices in southern Iowa towns, they asked us to do all the IT work. We designed the networks which connect four offices. They detailed their IT needs with us and we specified the hardware to match those needs. We now support all 4 offices from Iowa City.