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Network IP Cameras

Advances in technology have now married video cameras to computerized networks. The result is a low cost way to monitor your place of business or home. With the new advancements, you can see, in high resolution, what is going on in real time. Just use a web browser, even one on your cell phone, to connect to these video cameras.

Network IP Cameras are used for:

• Deterrence

Back room/warehouse theft
Cash register theft

• Safety and Prevention:

Customer and employee safety
Home and family safety
Remote monitoring of critical equipment
Control access to a building remotely

• Supervision

Monitor employees for training purposes
Monitor employees for compliance with work rules
Monitor employees for safe work practices

• How it Works:

Keystone IT installs small, powerful cameras that use excellent software
The cameras are connected to a computer using a network
The cameras use motion or sound detection to start recording
The video can be watched in real time while being recorded
The video from the cameras are stored on a hard drive
The recordings can be retrieved using date and time information
The recordings can be printed as individual photos
The recordings can be kept for however long makes sense, and then erased

Why it Works:

Remote monitoring gives the peace of mind that comes from real time access to the workplace
Cameras become the “eyes” that were lost with reduced staffing levels
Cameras along with signs give fair notice of prosecution to criminals or would be criminals
Recordings can be used to prosecute criminals
Recordings can be used in liability cases