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Customized IT Support

Consistent with our goal of being “THE” IT Department for small businesses, we offer a variety of support services:


  • Help Desk: We have a highly educated and trained tech that helps problem solve over the phone. If necessary, problems are assigned to other techs who work on the problem(s) in our Repair Shop.
  • Walk-Ins: We are happy to assist customers with equipment they bring to our offices. Depending upon the nature of the problem we may provide an assessment and quote. In some cases, we may have to obtain replacement parts quotes, delivery estimates, etc. and then provide a quote.
  • Managed Services Plans: For clients that want to have a company to partner with in case they incur problems, we offer two basic programs: Standard and Premium. The Standard Program has a low cost monthly rate per computer. The work done is then charged at a rate discounted from our rate sheet. The Premium Program offers complete support for a flat fee per month.
  • Computer Repairs: We work on all major operating systems: Windows, Apple, and Linux. If your desktop or laptop is out of warranty and you have a problem with it, we will do an assessment. We will then give you our determination of the problem and an estimate of the charges to get it working again.
  • Computer Tune Ups: Over time, computers can get sluggish, make noise, run hot, etc. We can examine your computer, clean it up, scan for malware, update your software, eliminate the noise, etc. Sometimes we will recommend adding RAM to get your computer running faster. Our labor prices are very reasonable, especially when you consider the skill levels of our techs.
  • Malware Removal: We use the latest software to remove malware from infected computers. We will also return the computer to its prior state if it all possible. Since some malware destroys or locks data, this is not always possible, except to restore data from backups which we will do.
  • Malware Protection: We have used Avast! for many years in conjunction with several other products. We are an Avast! reseller as well as a an Intel Security (McAfee) reseller. We also deploy OpenDNS to deal with infected websites. We can get these protections installed very quickly for you.