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IT Hardware

As technology has advanced, the typical office is now a network of devices used to support the business. The heart of a network is a server or a computer performing server-like functions. Keystone IT stands out as a company that is prepared to support small businesses with all the IT products and services they need:


•  NEW COMPUTERS: We have the best sources for new equipment. We use our reseller status to economically purchase new equipment. Our clients then generally get their new computer prepped and installed for the price they would pay to buy one on their own.

•  REFURBISHED COMPUTERS: Our expert staff routinely purchase computers from the University of Iowa’s surplus inventory. We disassemble them, clean them, update them, and replace key components as needed. This allows us to offer an excellent computer at an a price much lower than new ones. We provide a one year limited guarantee on parts and labor.

•  VIRTUAL COMPUTERS: Virtual computers are computers that can perform multiple “server” functions simultaneously. They are very economical because you only need one machine instead of many. This reduces electric consumption and floor space. Only one machine needs a backup instead of doing many.

•  LARGE SCALE STORAGE: When your business involves storing and retrieving large amounts of data, we design appropriate systems that are most appropriate for the business.


HARDWARE: Various types of hardware are installed and configured to make up a network:

•  CABLING:  The physical network requires cables to be installed at each work area, or a wireless system may be used. Keystone IT installs and certifies the cabled network.

•  FIREWALLS: A good firewall is essential for offices with regular incoming and outgoing traffic on the network, and especially for offices with a VoIP phone system. The firewall will keep out unwanted traffic and allows prioritization of data and VoIP traffic. We custom build firewalls and install PFSense software.

•  SWITCHES: Keystone specifies, configures and installs switches which are required to direct data to the correct destination. We often install Power Over Ethernet switches (POE). These provide power to devices connected to the network with power. This eliminates the need for power lines and network lines going to a workstation.


Video cameras are now installed on a network. Keystone works with clients to install the right kinds of cameras in the right spots to achieve their goals. There are a large range of cameras available to meet the exact needs of the clients.