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Our Track Record

  • Awarded the annual Small Business Award by the Iowa Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Now support over 150 clients.



Circle 8 Logistics

“On behalf of Circle 8 Logistics, we would like to extend a sincere Thank You to the team at Keystone IT. From the beginning the team at Keystone IT has always been professional and extremely helpful in all aspects of our business. Working hand and hand with our team over the years they have always delivered a finished product that is above and beyond our expectations. The relative ease in which they are able to get projects completed is a testament to the management and the commitment of the entire company at Keystone to a quality product. We look forward to growing our business with their team and look forward to partnering with them in the years to come.”

Mike Lewis | Co-CEO / Owner


Endodontic Associates Of Iowa

At Endodontic Associates of Iowa we are fortunate enough to have a growing business. One concern for most growing businesses is keeping up with technology. We all know that technology is a blessing when it works and a curse when it does not. Having worked with a few IT companies over the past few years we were never able to find a fit that corresponded to our practice model. When we have patients in the chair and a computer goes down the day stops. X- rays, medical records, billing everything is done electronically and a timely response is crucial. I can’t tell you how many times our office sat in distress waiting for the other IT companies we’ve used to just call us back. This all changed when we hired Keystone IT. The first time I used Keystone IT was when I was setting up and building out a new office. We were in the final stages of the buildout when our previous IT company simply dropped the ball. I met with Mike McKay and Jeremy Faust a few days before construction was to be completed and told them the situation. I remember them telling me they would get the job done in time and they delivered. The group at Keystone including technicians and engineers worked after hours, on weekends and did whatever it took to make sure we would have a seamless transition into our new building. Taking that one step further is the fact that Keystone IT has been working with us hand in hand at all of our locations and has only been a phone call away. There is no problem too big or small for these guys and they truly have a sound business model with fantastic people leading the way. I can’t tell you enough how much I respect Keystone IT and how much I appreciate having a partner in my business. Thank you Keystone IT for the wonderful work and support.

Dr. Joseph D. Vela | Owner


Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP)

As a non-profit organization, the Domestic Violence Intervention Program historically relied solely on donated equipment and volunteer support to maintain an internal network. When volunteer support wasn’t available, staff did the best they could! When we finally made the decision our organization had grown in its use of technology to the extent that we needed additional professional services, Keystone IT really stepped up to support our clients, staff and volunteers. Keystone IT knew our resources were limited and helped us to design an internal server and network that responded to our programs’ unique needs. Their service over the past four years has been critical as our organization grew and responds to the ever-changing technological needs of victims, our community and funders within the scope of our service area.


Walker, Billingsley & Bair

We have been very pleased with Keystone IT during the past 6 years that we have used their services.  We presented them with the challenge of having one phone system for our 4 offices with our inbound calls being answered in one location.  We wanted seamless communication between our employees at our offices and that is what they gave us. In addition to handling our phones, they have done a great job setting up our server with remote login so all of our employees can use the same system remotely.

Corey J. L. Walker of Walker, Billingsley & Bair with offices located in Ankeny, Des Moines, Marshalltown and Newton.